Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been sick.  Jason's been sick.  The baby's been sick.  Are you sure you're not sick?
Looks like I'll be doing a lot of these make-up posts.  Such is the blogging life.

What:  Heart-shaped wine bottle cap-thingy

Why:  What are these used for in real life?  Because it won't keep your wine good overnight.  And why would you close up a bottle of wine already opened and being enjoyed?  I don't get it.  What am I missing?

Where:  Garage sale

What: Random incense

Why:  Regardless of how fancy the incense is, it still smacks of hippy to me.

Where:  Garage sale?  Garbage?  I'll try selling it first I guess...

What:  This old pillow

Why:  Old pillows are gross.  This one used to be covered with my early attempts at knitting.  The outer bit got gross, I cut it off, and discovered the interior pillow to also be gross.  Gross gross gross.

Where: Garbage

What: Two Pillowcases (and yes, I'm counting these as 2 things)

Why:  These are the pillow cases we bought in Australia while waiting for our real things to arrive. Whatever they are made out of does not exist in nature.  Cotton does not grow in Oz, so natural fibers are expensive down unda.

Where:  Again, garage sale?  Will someone actually buy these things?

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