Friday, April 9, 2010


What:  Timer for indoor lights

Why:  It does not work.  Lights will come on at will, and either stay on or go off immediately.  I try to override it but each time I do that I get a whole new schedule for the lights turning on and/or going off.  Some times I go to bed and they're off, and when I get up at 3am with the baby I see the lights are on downstairs.   It does not keep the current time, which I'm guessing is the main problem.  That or it's haunted.

Where:  Garbage.  And this is why I'm including this on the post:  I honestly thought more than twice about keeping it.  Or selling it at a garage sale.  A broken, haunted timer.  Purchased at Menards for under $5.  I really need this blog to keep me honest.

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