Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Serving Stuff

What:  Large Tray and Olive Dish

Why:  I told you I like a serving dish.  First the tray:  it's a good looking piece, right?  Unfortunately, it just never worked.  It's not quite the right size (too small) and because of the handles on the side things can roll off it very easily.  Last week I went to Ikea for something totally unrelated, and walked away with two *new* trays.  Giggity.  I dare you to go to Ikea for one thing and walk out with that one thing only.  Anyway.  The new will replace the old.

The other is a little bowl for olives.  You're supposed to discard the seeds in the middle.  I don't eat olives.  Jason does.  So I thought this thing would be perfect.  We've never used it.  Ever.  And in reality, the thought of discarded pits gathered together in the center of a serving piece is just nasty. 

Where:  Garage sale

Monday, March 29, 2010

Itty Bitty Mouse

What: Teeny tiny widdle mouse

Why: Please note in the picture that I have ridiculously small hands.  It's a miracle I could ever play piano.  So we never use this mouse.  I found it in a drawer I made for Jason years ago marked "cords and computer equipment."  And yes, that means we moved this thing from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia to Chicago.  Smart!

Where: Per usual, I'll try eBay first.  Then put it into the Garage Sale pile.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


What:  Jason's Wisdom Tooth

Why:  He had it removed today.

Where: Where do old teeth go?  Tooth fairy?  Oh, Jason just said they go to dental schools. 

*NOTE* it is that color because of antibiotics he was given as a child.  He's actually in a text book of some sort about it.  His remaining teeth are all white.  He's just like the rest of us now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aw Snap.

It happened again.  A week got away from me.  But fear not.  Here are seven Things I'm Getting Rid Of.

What: Reverend Horton Heat poster
Why: Same reason I'm getting rid of my other 90s rock posters
Where:  eBay (even though I'm not having much luck with the others...)

What: Two serving dishes

Why:  While I *love* a good serving dish (any sort of tray or bowl or anything - ever need to buy me a gift?  You can't go wrong with a serving something or other) these were left over in our house when we bought it.  At one point there must have been an open house here and those were used for snacks.  Which is kinda odd, because the house was completely empty, save for this tray and bowl.  They still have the Target stickers on the back.  Nothing wrong with Target of course, I shop there weekly.  Just commenting on their state of (un)cleanliness.

Where: Garage Sale

What: The Gravediggers
Why:  Here's a tip:  Don't go into Half Price Books tipsy.  You will definitely judge a book by its cover.  This cover is excellent.  This book is not.
Where:  From whence it came.

What: Stripperish Shoes
Why:  Honestly, these shoes look cute on.  And I hope everyone in the Chicagoland area knows of City Soles.  Yes, it's hit or miss.  But when it's hit it's amazing.  Not to even get into the buy-10-get-1-free (which you can combine with other people to amass 10) they have a sale section that's often something crazy like buy-1-get-1-for-five-cents.  Hence, five-cent shoes with plastic straps that make them look like stripper shoes when they're not on my feet.
Where:  My friend saw them and took them home with her.

What:  An old favorite
Why:  Jason loved this shirt.  I know I have a picture of him wearing it in our NYC apartment.  And before.  We had that apartment in 1999.
Where:  Garage Sale/Goodwill

What: Olive Green Max Studio Pants
Why:  I bought these pants for work but they were never dressy enough.  And without heels my legs didn't good.  And yes, I tried them with the above shoes.  No good.  I gave these pants one more try post-baby.  Nope.  They gots to go.
Where:  Garage Sale/Goodwill

Thursday, March 18, 2010


What:  Lime green sandals

Why:  I always really liked these shoes.   The heel is the perfect size for summer.  The color is great with shorts or jeans.  I want to describe them as "kicky" but I've never actually seen that term used outside of the sales lady in the Cathy comics.  Anyway, the god damned strap on these kicky shoes always gave me the worst blisters.  I tried everything.  Including an entire summer of wearing band aids across the tops of both feet.  Not the best plan. 

Where:  I'll try selling them this summer at the garage sale, but they will be donated if they don't sell.  Blisters for the poor!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What:  Random pieces of jewelry including a choker from Urban Outfitters, a bead bracelet (which was a gift... oops), a necklace that was once fancy and special and a chunky bracelet whose makeup and origin I'm not quit sure of.

Why:  Don't wear them anymore, or never did.

Where:  Garage sale

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

What:  In honor of this beautiful Spring day (although I know in my heart of hearts that it will get cold again), I am getting rid of this headband-y thing I used to wear when I used jog outside in the freezing cold.

Why:  I last went jogging in the freezing cold in 1998.  Also I think I bought this thing to match the ski jacket I got for Christmas in the 8th grade.

Where:  Goodwill (unless my sister wants it - she does crazy things like jog in the cold)

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Electronics

What:  ??  Anyone?

Why:  Jason said I could get rid of it

Where:  I'm going to try eBay again because that old modem actually has someone "watching" it - which is one small step away from bidding.  I can practically feel that $1.50 (less eBay fees, less PayPal fees) in my pocket.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jason's Favorite Sweater

What:  Dark Blue With Orange Piping Down The Sides Hugo Boss Sweater

Why:  There's a hole in the elbow, dear Liza, dear Liza.  It's been patched a few times too.  He must have really pointy elbows.

Where:  Donate

Saturday, March 13, 2010


What:  Honest, I don't really know what this is.  A modem?

Why:  Jason said I could get rid of it

Where:  Ebay?  Garage sale?  I'll try both.  In that order.  If it doesn't go at the garage sale I'll give it to my father in law.  He loves this kind of thing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beer Cozy

What:  Green Bay Packers Beer Jersey

Why:  Wine Wear.  One of our million dollar ideas we never did anything about.  When we were in China they were selling these little Chinese outfits that fit over a bottle of wine.  Very cute.  I bought like 4.  Great to bring to a party.  It was our big idea to make them here in the US but instead of Chinese outfits we were going to do things like a bridal gown, tuxedo, and so on.  The idea grew to football (for the higher class tailgater) and thus I bough this for research.  It's still a great idea.  I should totally get on that.  But I don't need this.

Where:  ebay baby

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Purse

What:  Little embroidered bag from our trip to India

Why:  My niece really loves little purses

Where:  Given to said niece during our trip to Florida

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guide Me

What:  7 Luxe Guide Books

Why:  These are awesome guides.  If you are planning a trip to any major city in the world, check them out.  They are full of exactly where to shop, hang out, drink, party and sight-see cool shit.  But they go out of date quickly and I don't think I'll be traveling to Bangkok again any time soon.

Where:  I will attempt to sell them on eBay.  It's weird, this is the first time since I started this blog that I don't have anything for sale on eBay.  Time to remedy that. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Baaaa-aack

Damn, I used my Jim Anchower too soon.

Well, here we are.  My first real stumble.  Of course I blame technical issues.  But I will make it up to you.  I promise to.  (Jason talked to Peter Cetera's sister in law today so I can't get Chicago out of my head)

So let's do this thang.  Here are nine (count em! 9!) things to make up the last nine days.  Here we go:

What:  3 men's dress shirts
Why: I'll have to ask Jason, but the fact that he gave them to me is enough.  Be gone!
Where:  Goodwill

What:  2 super old hand towels
Why:  When we moved back to the US we sublet a crazy, creepy condo (fully furnished) until we found, purchased, and closed on our home. My old blog chronicled this weird place, but alas, that blog has disappeared.  I don't want to talk about it.  My mom gave me these hand towels to use there.  I think one of them has my name ironed on the inside so I could bring it to camp.  The red one.
Where:  Rag city.

What:  4 Christmas napkin rings
Why:  Yes, I realize that's kinda cheap.  Using a set of napkin rings as four things.  But that's how many are there, and let's be honest, I have months and months to go.  So these are nice, I just won't use them.
Where:  Garage sale.  Because someone will use them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, so here's the deal.  The computer I usually use for my blog is temporarily kaput.  It was running an "evaluation" copy of Windows 7 which we inadvertantly let expire.  I bought an upgrade, but it was the wrong one.  So once I get back to Staples, get the right thing, get it loaded and reinstall all the photos I have saved for the blog which thankfully are saved on an external hard drive, (oh, and lets add Jason bringing said hard drive home from work to the list) the blog will be back up and running.

Today is my 36th birthday.  Today I'm getting rid of my early 30s.  So long suckas!