Monday, October 4, 2010


What:  A couple DVDs, some Xbox and a PC Game.  Btw, I know they're not called "videos" anymore.  I wanted to type it like Hank Hill pronounced it.  Vidjeahs.  But that's pretty random.  Even for my own blog.

Why:  Jason got rid of them.  I sure wasn't chomping at the bit to play FarCry2 or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (whatever the hell that means).

Where:  Amazon.  I thought a bit about where to sell these.  Ebay was my first choice, but then I'd have to take a picture of each, upload it, wait a week to see if it sells, blah blah blah.  On Amazon all I have to do is enter the title, price the item lower than the currently listed low price, and wait.  Easy.  Peasy. 

Fun Fact:  The most valuable of the lot?  The Sims 3.  Never would have called that.  It's up in the $20-dollar range where the others are all in the $3-dollar world.

...and just like that!  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 sold.  $8.50   Thankyouverymuch.