Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aw Snap.

It happened again.  A week got away from me.  But fear not.  Here are seven Things I'm Getting Rid Of.

What: Reverend Horton Heat poster
Why: Same reason I'm getting rid of my other 90s rock posters
Where:  eBay (even though I'm not having much luck with the others...)

What: Two serving dishes

Why:  While I *love* a good serving dish (any sort of tray or bowl or anything - ever need to buy me a gift?  You can't go wrong with a serving something or other) these were left over in our house when we bought it.  At one point there must have been an open house here and those were used for snacks.  Which is kinda odd, because the house was completely empty, save for this tray and bowl.  They still have the Target stickers on the back.  Nothing wrong with Target of course, I shop there weekly.  Just commenting on their state of (un)cleanliness.

Where: Garage Sale

What: The Gravediggers
Why:  Here's a tip:  Don't go into Half Price Books tipsy.  You will definitely judge a book by its cover.  This cover is excellent.  This book is not.
Where:  From whence it came.

What: Stripperish Shoes
Why:  Honestly, these shoes look cute on.  And I hope everyone in the Chicagoland area knows of City Soles.  Yes, it's hit or miss.  But when it's hit it's amazing.  Not to even get into the buy-10-get-1-free (which you can combine with other people to amass 10) they have a sale section that's often something crazy like buy-1-get-1-for-five-cents.  Hence, five-cent shoes with plastic straps that make them look like stripper shoes when they're not on my feet.
Where:  My friend saw them and took them home with her.

What:  An old favorite
Why:  Jason loved this shirt.  I know I have a picture of him wearing it in our NYC apartment.  And before.  We had that apartment in 1999.
Where:  Garage Sale/Goodwill

What: Olive Green Max Studio Pants
Why:  I bought these pants for work but they were never dressy enough.  And without heels my legs didn't good.  And yes, I tried them with the above shoes.  No good.  I gave these pants one more try post-baby.  Nope.  They gots to go.
Where:  Garage Sale/Goodwill

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