Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Serving Stuff

What:  Large Tray and Olive Dish

Why:  I told you I like a serving dish.  First the tray:  it's a good looking piece, right?  Unfortunately, it just never worked.  It's not quite the right size (too small) and because of the handles on the side things can roll off it very easily.  Last week I went to Ikea for something totally unrelated, and walked away with two *new* trays.  Giggity.  I dare you to go to Ikea for one thing and walk out with that one thing only.  Anyway.  The new will replace the old.

The other is a little bowl for olives.  You're supposed to discard the seeds in the middle.  I don't eat olives.  Jason does.  So I thought this thing would be perfect.  We've never used it.  Ever.  And in reality, the thought of discarded pits gathered together in the center of a serving piece is just nasty. 

Where:  Garage sale

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