Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Again

Time for me to update the blog!

What:  Folding Chair
Why:  I left this outside all winter under the deck.  It is cracked.  Do not sit.
Where:  Garbage.  But interestingly enough, the other day I was looking out our bedroom window and saw someone pull this same chair out of the neighbors' garbage.  So it's been claimed and discarded another time since I Got Rid of it. 

What:  Watering Can
Why:  While it looks cool, it sucks as a watering can.  It gets water everywhere when pouring and doesn't hold much capacity.
Where:  Garage sale.  Someone else take my crappy stuff!

What:  Old cell phone
Why:  A friend gave this to me when I was going overseas because... I don't remember.  But I do know the best feature of this phone is that the screen is a mirror when not in use.  Clever!
Where:  Garage sale?  My father in law also *loves* this type of shit.  I'll give it to him if it doesn't sell.

What:  Clothes
Why:  Because I have to get rid of them.
Where:  Donate

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  1. I love a good button down, plus I saw the phone up there what a waste would have been cool had it ever worked