Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

What:  Suitcase

Why:  Ah, my suitcase.  My Whittman-Hart suitcase.  What's Whittman-Hart?  Why, it's one of the first companies I worked for right out of college.  It no longer exists, but during the dot com heydays it was a hell of a place to work.  As a lowly "coordinator" I got stock options.  They had great parties and were constantly giving shit away, like nice luggage!  This trusty bag has been around the world with me.  Many times.  The top outer pocket lost its stitching in the Middle East and had to be removed.  The final straw came this last week in Florida.  A rip has been festering on the top for years that finally came to expose the entire contents of the suitcase.  I did my best to seal it with electrical tape (all there was at my parents' condo) but unpacking damp clothes from the hole this weekend told me it had to go.  So sad.  I love you perfect-size suitcase!

Where:  I didn't have the heart to put it in the actual garbage bin outside.  I left it perched on top, in hopes that a vagrant will use it for years to come.

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  1. I know Whittman-Hart. They were my client when I was at Edelman. Hello dotcom days. Actually good-bye dotcom days. Bob Bernard? MarchFirst? Remember "The Industry Standard"?