Friday, June 11, 2010


What: A ton (like 80) of trading cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Comic Book)

Why:  I think these once belonged to my brother in law.  But I know we've had them forever.  No more.

WhereEbay baby!  I've spent both nap times today listing these things and I've only got 9 of them up.  It's a long road, but will hopefully be somewhat profitable.  My dad and I tried to sell them at a random comic shop we came across in the suburbs, but in their eternal words "that market's dead."  Let's hope not.

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  1. Just wanted to say, I've been religiously reading your blog because I think it's the best idea I've seen in a long time. Keep posting! It's hilarious to hear the back story...and comforting to know I am not the only one with random truckloads of crap that have been moved back and forth (albeit not overseas) no less than five times. When we bought this house, we opened boxes from our wedding that we hadn't opened since moving from Chicago. Yes, that is ten years of boxed wedding gifts. Some of which we were psyched to see and use; some which went straight to the consignment shop down the street. Hope to see you this summer when we're in town (July 6-20)--maybe we can get Vic to throw a "last" bbq even though he's not going west for a while.